Quantity surveyors are professionals who specialize in the costs associated with construction projects. They may assist company owners with budgets and with projecting the costs of a project, but there are many other ways they can assist in your construction business and with individual projects in particular. If you don't have a quantity surveyor that you work with regularly when it comes to your construction business, note a few ways they can assist and be of benefit to you. 

1. Interpreting and advising on financial details of contracts

A lawyer can tell you the legal aspects of a contract you sign with customers, vendors and subcontractors, but a quantity surveyor can discuss the monetary aspects of those contracts. For example, they may know if rates quoted from vendors are not competitive, if you can expect the cost of certain supplies to go up and down according to market fluctuations, and the like. This can help you to make a better decision about the financial aspect of any contract you may need to sign.

2. Arbitrations and court hearings

If your company is being sued for unpaid invoices or you need to sue a subcontractor or anyone for anything related to the costs of your construction projects, a quantity surveyor can assist. They are qualified to testify at arbitrations or court hearings regarding the financial aspect of those contracts, not just advise you on them before they get signed. You may have a more favorable outcome for any court case or arbitration if you use a quantity surveyor who is more familiar with the details of contracts, including agreed-upon pricing, payment terms, and the like, from when those contracts were first drafted and then signed.

3. Cost control

A quantity surveyor can do more than simply draft a budget for your project; he or she can advise on cost control measures. For example, a quantity surveyor may understand how recycling certain materials on site, such as water needed for blasting an area before drilling, can save on the cost of purchasing those materials new. They may know how various types of construction can be more cost-effective; this may mean prefabricated concrete walls versus concrete poured onsite or steel frames for buildings. Having a quantity surveyor become familiar with your project from the very beginning can mean getting this cost saving advice even before budgets are prepared and while the project is underway, allowing you to maximize your overall profits.